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eBooks on EBSCO

With the IAIA Library's electronic book collection, you can download the full text of any book and transfer it to an e-book reader.

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Download full e-books

These instructions are for your personal computer and ereader devices.

See an entire book on your computer or transfer it to an e-book reader using Adobe Digital Editions. Get instructions for loading e-books on your...


You Need to Create an Adobe ID

EBSCO uses Adobe Digital Editions to display e-books on computers and devices. In order to use Adobe Digital Editions, you must create an Adobe ID if you don't already have one.

Go to

Click on Don't have an Adobe ID?

Fill out the form and click the yellow Create button

You are now signed up for Adobe Digital Editions. Click on the appropriate tab above for further instructions about downloading eBooks to your computer or device.

Guides used with permission from Walden's Library. Created by Rebekah Kati and Meg Holle